5 Myths Associated With Trans Women Debunked

5 Myths Associated With Trans Women Debunked

1. Tran’s women are REALLY gay

Gender identity and gender expression are two different aspects. In the former, it is about who you desire to have sex ‘as’, while the latter is about who you desire to have sex ‘with’. It means even Trans’ lesbian exist. The confusion arises from how strongly people connect behavior with gender. The assumption of heterosexuality in culture is so inherent that gay people are seen in defiance of manliness.

Gender expression is regarded as sexuality. It is believed that women dress stylishly to attract men instead of an expression revealing their identity and emotions on that day. You can see gender identity and expression don’t have a deterministic relationship with one another. Therefore there are lesbians, gay, and bisexual in the community.

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2. Tran’s women are gay guys trapping straight dudes

It sounds so demeaning and nasty. Many of the Tran’s women died because they were blamed for trapping by their sexual partners. ‘Deception’ is a tricky concept. It is complicated for a Tran’s person to inform her partner. The partner found her attractive and the moment they got familiar with her being a transsexual thing changed. The issue is not in her body but your perception.

It indicates that everything must be associated with sex and only a female body offers good sex. Society assumes that a man is a sexual agent, while a woman is a sexual object. Right!

3. If the culture does not have strict gender roles, there is no necessity for transition

Again there is confusion between gender identity and expression. The belief that Trans’ woman decides for a transition is because she is not bothered with the male body but is feeling awkward with a masculine role.

If the socially arbitrated gender jacket would be broken down, she would be free from the struggle between her assigned sex and herself.

The transition is from the uneasiness with a male body and not the masculine role. Even if the society is non-gendered and open, many Tran’s girls are disturbed by having a penis, hairy body and face, masculine physique, flat chest, ruddy oily skin, and more.

Several men are horrified with having a vagina, menstrual cycle, soft skin, curvy breasts, no beard, wide hips, etc.

According to them, trans-sexuality is about their bodies and their rights to feel happy. It is not about social conventions or gender politics. Resolving society issues associated with gender will never resolve their sex problems.

4. You are appropriating a female body

Appropriating means seizing someone’s body, which is not the case. Transsexual women are expressing their identity. They are not ‘The other’ but are honestly ‘The self’. She does not desire to make a transition into a different person. She decides what she desires to do with her body. It is her body and her choices…..right!

5. Trans-sexuality is a symptom of Western Culture and modern medicine

 Genital Reconstruction Surgery and Hormone Replacement Therapy are modern treatments designed to address this long-standing issue. Transgendered identities were hardly accepted and tolerated in the majority of cultures, while a few believed transgender to be powerful or blessed, for example, the Hijras in India. Gender variance survived as long as humans existed on the planet.

Trans-sexuality is a new alternative for addressing it. The modern medicine or Western culture did not create Transgender but is a means that allows them to live a happy, meaningful and comfortable life with their bodies.